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Dental Care for Dogs

Home Dental Care

Step 1

  • Start by dipping a finger in beef bouillon for dogs.
  • Rub this finger gently over your pet’s gums and one or two teeth.
  • Repeat until your pet seems fairly comfortable with this activity.

Step 2

  • Gradually, introduce a gauze-covered finger and gently scrub the teeth with a circular motion.

Step 3

  • Then, you can begin to use an ultra-soft toothbrush or finger brush (a rubber fingertip covering which has small bristles at its tip).

Step 4

  • Finally, once your pet is used to brushing, introduce the use of a pet toothpaste in liquid or paste form. Most of these contain chlorhexidine or stannous fluoride – ask your veterinarian for his recommendations. Do not use toothpaste for humans, as it can upset your pet’s stomach. Your veterinarian may also advise the use of an antiseptic spray or rinse after brushing.