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Travel Preparation for Dogs

Before you go

Ask yourself– Will my cat or dog be comfortable and happy on a trip? Some animals simply prefer to stay at home and a “homesick”, possibly motion-sick pet will ruin everyone’s trip. In such a case, it is wiser to leave your pet with a friend, relative or to hire a pet sitter. If this is not possible, you may consider boarding them at your veterinary clinic or a clean, well-run kennel or cattery.

Plan ahead

If you do decide to take your pet along, you must take as much care with the preparation of your pet’s trip as your own. If you plan to travel by plane, bus, train or boat, find out if your pet will be welcome and what kind of reservations and transport arrangements must be made. If you will be staying at hotels, motels or campgrounds, you must check if animals are allowed or if kennel facilities are available. If you are staying with friends or family, make sure your pet is also invited.